The American Center for Puccini Studies


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Welcome to The American Center for Puccini Studies
"THIS is the kind of singing people go to hear at the opera!" (

The American Center for Puccini Studies specializes in the presentation of unusual performing editions of the works of composer Giacomo Puccini and introduces many neglected or unknown Puccini pieces to the music loving public.  No other opera company in the world, let alone in the United States, is exploring Puccini's lesser-known scores with such enthusiasm.  The American Center for Puccini Studies approaches these works with passion and a welcome appreciation of their historical context and is heroically fighting to preserve an authentic performing tradition of the Puccini opera that may soon be irretrievably lost.  Founded in 2004 by one of the world’s leading Puccini artists and scholars, Dr. Harry N. Dunstan, the company enjoys a varied and popular performance history, as well as active Education and Young Artist Development programs.